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Student Space Improvments

Completed in 2022

Below are the projects we have completed and hope to complete (or save for), starting with the completed first. The pictures depict what the spaces previously looked like and if you click on them, you will find a gallery of before and after pictures, along with the cost associated, and timeline of completion. Some projects are currently in progress.


Funding was provided by students, alumni, faculty, and Affordable Equity Partners.


BETR Office


The BETR office was updated June 2022. Click below to see the updates.

  • Total Costs: ~$809.04

  • Time Investment: ~4 Weeks


Black Law Student Association Office


The plan to update the BLSA office is to paint and then get the necessary furniture for students to study and carry out their operational responsibilities. Further, the office could use more storage and organization; the space was only recently transformed into a workable office space. 

  • Current Available Funding: $500.00

  • Estimated Remaining Expenditures: ~$1,000.00


BOA Office


The Board of Advocates office was updated Summer 2022. Click below to see the updates. 

  • Estimated Costs: ~$210.72 (with partial organizational funding) 

  • Time Investment: ~4 Weeks


JDR Office


The plan to update the JDR office, mainly includes painting, reorganizing, and fixing/replacing broken chairs, desks, and other furniture. Updates began Summer 2022 and will be completed by Fall 2022.

  • Estimated Costs: ~$1,200.00

  • Estimated Time Investment: ~4 Weeks


Lawyer's Wardrobe

Fund By: Affordable Equity Partners



MLR Office


The plan to update the MLR office, mainly includes painting, reorganizing, and fixing/replacing broken chairs, desks, and other furniture. The office is considerable larger than all other student spaces and will require more funding respectively. MLR received the Michelle Cecil Grant this semester and already has $2,500.00 in funding toward their update plans. Click below to see a rendering of what the office could look like with a little bit of time and funding. 

  • Estimated Costs: ~$7,500.00

  • Estimated Time Investment: ~8 Weeks


SBA Office


The picture featured depicts the past state of the Student Bar Association. It was functional as an office, yet the almost 40 years of wear and tear on the office furniture, clutter, and ripped walls, made it a place of avoidance and challenging use. A large portion of the time was spent fixing the wall, water, and mice damage (there are no mice anymore).


With a budget of $800, a winter break, and a few personal donations from a student, the office was recreated into a space that upholds the quality Mizzou Law yields. The work was completed by one student, with the help of a few other students and one retired teacher. 

  • Total Costs: ~$1,200.00

  • Update Time: ~4 Weeks 


Student Cafe


The Student Cafe is one of the most utilized student spaces in Hulston. Students spend several hours in the day eating, conversing, and building community.

  • Total Costs: ~$6,000.00

  • Time Invested: ~7 Weeks 


Wellness/Maternity Room


The Wellness Room took 3 months to find funding, 2 weeks to put together and finish. The funding for this room was provided by the Dean, the Mizzou Student Capital Improvement Grant, and individual student contributions.  

It is now utilized as a space for students, faculty, and staff to relax, destress, and for any maternity/paternity needs. It is heavily used, widely supported, and built entirely by students.

  • Total Costs: ~$2,000.00

  • Update Time: ~2 Weeks

More projects and updates may develop, in addition to the ones list above, depending on resources available.

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